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The Evil Council’s Dungeon Master Extraordinaire(-ish)! DK is always looking for the next great story to sink his teeth into. This pursuit has led him to some of the best examples gaming, books, comics, and anime have to offer. Pairing these things with his much loved and perpetually growing music collection, he is a well-versed traveler of many ever-changing media landscapes.


No man can compare to our Bilbo-baby! With over 15 years of experience in gaming and anime, he can please and appease like no other. You’ll find pure evil and spontaneity with a flourish in equal parts within this well nerded gentleman.

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The Evil Council’s nostalgia aficionado and resident server of truth. Zach likes video games and anime both old and new, and has a tendency to pick them apart like a vulture picks apart a carcass. Although he’s new to tabletop RPGs, he’s quickly become a fan of the gameplay and storytelling opportunities they provide.


The Evil Council’s resident grump and the podcast’s esteemed producer/editor. Eric is eclectic in his nerdy interests, jumping from one interesting fandom to another. If it’s indie he’s there, from RPGs to grassroots video games and movies.